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Curriculum Overview 

Limudei Kodesh

The לימודי קדש Department is the heart of BYB. Our לימודי קדש 

classes nurture the girls' love for Yiddishkeit, חשיבות התורה and קיום המצוות. Teachers encourage their students to think, analyze, reflect and question, deepening their understanding of Yiddishkeit and relationship with הקדוש ברוך הוא. 


השקפה is  explored through the lens of the Torah, developing critical thinking skills, fostering an appreciation for seeking דעת תורה, the importance of אמונת חכמים, providing tools for תיקון המידות and the relevance of Torah to one's daily life. We are committed to cultivating an environment where students will grow and develop through in-depth study of תנ"ך, הלכה, מחשבה, יהדות הסטוריה and ביאור תפילה.


Our תלמידות will אי”ה leave Bais Yaakov of Boca Raton empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to be lifelong learners, passionate, committed בנות ישראל and the future wives, mothers and leaders of כלל ישראל.











General Studies 

The General Studies Department of BYB is committed to providing our students with a comprehensive and cutting-edge educational experience. The curriculum is designed to engage and challenge the learner to think deeply while acquiring new skills. A wide array of courses are offered on various levels to pique the interests of all students while helping them to find greater appreciation  for  הקדוש ברוך הוא’s multi-faceted world. Graduates of BYB will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to face today's challenges, and be prepared to pursue higher education and the vocation of their choice.


Bais Yaakov of Boca Raton provides a rigorous academic program, yet it is balanced by meaningful and exciting extracurricular activities. The varied activities offered, provide our תלמידות with opportunities for leadership, חסד, and growth in their self awareness, self esteem and מידות. Chessed, G.O, Mishmeres, Erev Shabbos Programs, Melave Malka, Leil Hisorerus, Guest speakers, Rosh Chodesh Programs, Production and Shabbaton draw out our students’ talents, strengthen the אחדות between the girls and allow them to contribute to the כלל in an impactful way.


Chessed (חסד)

BYB students are involved in Chessed on a weekly and  monthly basis. Weekly חסד jobs range from helping out a family to spending time with a Special Needs child or helping out at home. Girls choose jobs which are meaningful acts of giving to them. Upon entering BYB on a Thursday before Shabbos Mevarchim, one is overwhelmed by the delightful fragrance of potato kugel. After working together to bake the kugels from scratch, the girls wrap and deliver them to families or individuals in need. Some of the lucky recipients thus far have been families with unwell members and those who just had babies.


Erev Shabbos Program

The BYB תלמידות, as well as Mrs. Halpern, look forward to the end of week Erev Shabbos Program. Highlights of the Week and Divrei Torah are shared, a timely song is taught and sung and Shabbos treats are enjoyed by all, ending the week on a sweet note!


Leil Hisorerus

As we mold the future leaders of Klal Yisrael, BYB students are given opportunities to play leadership roles in the Boca Raton community. Under the tutelage of Mrs. Sora Miriam Davis, a voice director par excellence, the girls were trained to sing with skill and emotion. B”H 350 women and girls entered Yom Kippur elevated by the beautiful singing and Divrei Hisorerus. 


Mother-Daughter Melave Malka 

Mothers and daughters enjoyed a Melave Malka with the beautiful theme of “קול ברמה נשמע,” “Heeding the Call.” An inspiring speech by Mrs. Shana Skier, delicious food, a mosaic Shema craft, kumzitz and dancing, created a packed program leaving everyone with lots more to digest and savor than just the food.



The BYB G.O. theme this year is “It Takes 2.” Each month, different girls have a turn to plan and run G.O. activities for their peers. G.O. activities range from davening on the beach, yom tov crafts, trips, and lunchtime programming.

BYB Teacher Qualifications

All classroom teacher that are hired to work at BYB has at least one of the following:

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher

  • Three or more years of teaching experience

  • Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in 9th-12th grade subjects 

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